Last modified: May 30, 2023

You must ensure that the credit card is your own when providing credit card information. permission is necessitated from the card owner if a purchase is made by a credit card that does not belong to you. 

personal checks, direct bank transfers, and money orders are not accepted at freeminds. also, note that unless the transaction has been cleared, the item will not be shipped.

the use of unlawful chargebacks in exchange for free merchandise is strictly prohibited and punishable under the law. such actions will be dealt with by reporting them to the appropriate authorities, such as the local police or credit bureau, and referring the matter to the appropriate court of jurisdiction.

beginning with your selection of your preferred product from our website, you, as the user, will proceed to pay for them either collectively or individually, depending on your preference and convenience. there is a plethora of payment options available for you to choose from. the following are the methods of payment that we accept at freeminds:

  • visa 
  • mada
  • mastercard
  • american express
  • apple pay
  • tabby payment
  • Tamara
  • PostPay

please contact us at for any questions you may have regarding your payment.